Wednesday, 4 March 2015

House of Fraser | Scarlett & Jo | Dress review

Hi everyone, first off I would just like to take a moment to say sorry for the long delay of this post.  Alot of stuff went on in November/ December and I just overloaded myself with work and I just crashed and burned basically.  I'm getting back into blogging now but it will be on my own terms instead of weekly etc.  Anywho lets skip the depression and get on with the review!

So I was very lucky and blessed to be sent a dress from House of Fraser/Scarlett & Jo.  I picked out this dress as I am pregnant and I thought it would compliment my bump very nicely. I don't normally go for floral designs but since watching Louise (Sprinkle of Glitter) on you tube I have grown to LOVE her style.  This dress also reminded me much of the 1940's/1950's kind of era but with a modern twist.  I love the mid length sleeves and the way the dress puffs out due to the netting underneath and I always style it with black high heels and black tights.

The dress at first didn't sit that comfortably over my bump due to the elastic waist.  However after growing in a few months it now sits far more better.  It does do this funny thing however if I put the dress up and makes my boobs looks very odd ha ha.  Another thing to point out is that I feel the dress isn't good for those with bad backs or for those who wish to wear it for long periods of time.  It could be that it's because I'm pregnant but after wearing this dress for a good few hours (maybe 4 who knows) it really starts to make my back ache.

Moving aside from these problems though I think it's a really nice dress.  It certainly does make me feel comfort and confident that's for sure. If I need another dress I will be going straight back to House of Fraser and ordering from the Scarlett & Jo line.  I never thought I could feel so comfortable being a plus size AND pregnant but i can.  This dress was retail at £30 which I don't think is bad value at all.  Sadly this dress isn't available anymore BUT I can tell you that OH MY GOD Scarlett's & Jo's new range is to die for! They simply look incredible! Even better I think they suit ALL ages.  If your a larger/curvier woman like me then this is a gold mine to get rid of all your clothing worries Click here for House of Fraser's Plus Size section.


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