Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Review | Pumpkin Bubble Bar

Hi everyone,  So back here with another Lush review.  This time the Pumpkin Bubble Bar.  I was super exciting about this because of how much glitter it was covered in and how pretty it looked.  First I made the mistake of dropping it in the water.  Do'h!  Seriously still not used to bubble bars Straight away I picked it up and took it out and ran it under water again.  Unlike the Wizard Bubble Bar this was quite hard to break into.  Maybe it was due to the shape I'm not sure.

My first thoughts were that I was not impressed.  This came no where close to how amazing the Wizard Bubble Bar was.  Hardly any bubbles and quite frankly like my friend said it looks like a bath of urine.  I was so disappointed because I was hoping I would get a really striking orange colour especially as I used the whole bar.  I did however notice the orange fragrance straight away.  When I got in the bath it did make my skin feel soft and I did feel relaxed (though this could of been because I was dead tired anyway ha ha).  All in all I don't know if I would buy this again. It costs £3.50 so not that expensive at all especially as you can separate it and have it across 2-4 separate baths.

Here is a video of me crumbling the bar under running water.  As you'll notice it didn't crumble very well.  Well I didn't think it did anyway.  What are your thoughts?  Have you tried this bubble bar?  Did you get better results?

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