Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Travelling To Events Made Easy

Hey everyone!  So it's been REALLY hot recently. You may of noticed as well that I've been to lots of events.  So how have I kept myself cool (and sane) without stressing out and getting into a (more) hot mess?  Well it first starts off with what I'm wearing.  I make sure before I head off I look at the weather.  I always use the BBC weather as it's usually accurate.  If it's going to rain when your out you can then bring your umbrella if not then leave it behind.  This will free up space in your bag.  As well as making sure your wearing clothes that will keep you comfortable.

Now the next section. Your bag,  I used to take my big tote bags and or handbags.  I often found when attending events they would get caught on my hair and just generally be uncomfortable and a lot of hassle when trying to take photos and film etc.  So I treated myself to a new bag.  Nothing expensive just a little hand bag that I could put over my shoulders from Primark.  It works a treat, it holds enough room to put my card,camera and phone in plus any small extras.

That leads me onto my next tip.  Deodorant and body spray.  I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who feels the need to carry at least their deodorant around with them.  Does it seem though that they just take up so much room in your bag?  Well why not buy those tiny ones that are meant for travelling in the air? Sure their made for flying but they are so many great purposes!  I use them when going to events AND used to use them when I went clubbing (oh back in the days!)

My last and final tip is what I find the most important one. PLAN YOUR JOURNEY.  Now I know this may simple to some but to me I cannot say this enough.  I've been to lots of events recently and the amount of times people have said to me "god this place was really hard to find, it was tucked away huh?"  Not wanting to sound rude I nod my head and agree.  Really inside I'm going "no it wasn't" but to me it wasn't to others it was.  So this is what I do.  

Step 1: Plan your journey.  A few days before I'm going somewhere I always check the bus or train times.  9/10 it's the train so I head over to to find out what train I have to get to get to a place at a certain time.  I then check again on the same day when I wake up to make sure there are no disruptions.

Step 2: Google it and walk it.  This may seem odd to some but I guarantee this hasn't failed me yet. First I Google the place I'm going.  This is probably standard to people. However I get the feeling they leave this part last minute.  You really should do this BEFORE you leave.  It will set an image into your head and you should be familiar with the surroundings when you actually go.   Google the place your going to and then use the street view to walk from the nearest station to the place you going to.  I do this all the time and it is so handy and it's so easy for me to find places.

That's all my tips I hope you found them useful! Until next time!


  1. I rarely use the street view even though I should! I write down all the steps though, like "left onto Something Rd" and "destination on right". And I've been checking street view for the final bit, though I can't figure out how to pinpoint the right building/house when I'm on street view.

    I'm the opposite ish about bags, I have my laptop bag that I can put over my shoulder and it's the WORST. Then again that's partly because it's super heavy. I'm finally getting a new one this week! Woooo! I also have a backpack I use when I have to walk somewhere with my laptop and camera and whatnot. And when I need to toss my tripod in there. It's a massive backpack from Viking and you can fasten it around your ribcage as well as your shoulders. Def not stylish and actually hard to organize things inside the main compartment but it has been a lifesaver. (I keep saying this, I mean it though! One of these days I will actually post about it...)

    1. Ah yes maybe I should of mentioned that but I do find rucksacks with a laptop sleeve inside are amazing! My ex had one and it was super handy when we traveled to comic con!