Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Review | Golden Touch Waxing experience

Hello my chocolate sprinkles, this post would of been up sooner but my SD card broke and then the READER broke argh! Talk about having the worst luck with SD cards.  Any who about a week ago ....maybe it was 2 I forget as I've been so busy lately, I got invited to get my *cough* lady garden waxed by Golden Touch.  Now I've not really ever been into waxing but back in March I got my eye brows waxed.  I was surprised about how it didn't really hurt that much.  They did such an amazing job as well!  I really need to get them done again but I just haven't had the time to book an appointment or just not had the money but I do swear by it! 

However lady.....bits are well a little bit different eh?  I was really nervous not going to lie.  I told Hannah this (my waxing lady) and she was super lovely at comforting me.  I didn't really know what to do as I've never waxed before just shaved but she advised me to make sure it was not longer then 1 Inch long.   When I arrived in London I got a little lost at first trying to find it but after much determination I did find it.  Though it is hidden. She does have plans to move though which I'm happy about because this woman really does deserve the business as she is wonderful and great at her job.

I was warmly welcomed and Hannah was very patient with me as I had to try and give my friend who I was meeting afterwards...which failed..yay! After filling the forms in I was taken into a small but cosey box room.  It was lovely and I felt very comfortable.  I was told to under dress lay on the bed and cover my area with a towel.  I was also given some wipes to clean with as it had been a very hot and of course I was sweaty...URGH no one wants that ha ha.  Once I was ready she began to wax me.  She actually told me something I didn't know before.  There are two types of waxing.  1.strip and 2. straight on waxing (I'm sure it wasn't called that but I'm forgetful).  She used the straight on waxing and my it was hot but i'm used to hot as I have my baths boiling hot.

I'm not going to lie some of it was quite painful but it wasn't painful enough to make me cry and I tell you what it has been amazing.  Since having this waxed I have loved and (and my bf for that matter) and I am going to go back again!  It only costs £35 which is a bargain in Soho and I believe Golden Touch are the cheapest.  

Like I was saying the staff were super nice and they even gave me a ticket for my readers! You will get a special discount if you quote me when you phone up and book OR a free Eyebrow or lip wax! How amazing it that. I HIGHLY recommend it you won't regret it.  Hannah is such a lovely person and she has the same goals me really to make the world a better place. 

If any of you have questions about the waxing please feel free to comment below and I'll try my hardest.



  1. Sounds awesome! I am actually a trained esthetician so I think what you're thinking of is hot wax? If it was the kind you apply hot (but obviously not too hot, don't want it burning!), that dries and then you quickly pull off then that's hot wax. Then there's the kind you use with strips. If I lived nearer to these people I would give it a go! They sound so lovely!

    1. That's the one! (god I'm so stupid) will edit the blog now haha. Yeah she wants to train people so they become better because she said people are often scared due to horror stories because people aren't trained properly.