Saturday, 30 August 2014

Review | Avon Flawless CC Cream

Hello everyone,  gosh it seems like it's been ages since I've last done a review.  Has it?  I literally don't know.  I can't keep up with myself now a days.  I got this sent to me from the group/website known as UK Bloggers. I've never used CC cream before as my face is in quite good condition.  However dark circles are a problem and I have a few slight red areas thanks to a lovely visit from a gnat bite in the night.

The first thing I noticed was how runny the liquid was.  I thought at first thing would be a problem but infact a little does a long way.  Even though this was labelled as "light" I actually infact thought this was more a medium shade but perhaps that is just me. Even though this is infact a colour corrector cream I actually feel this is more successful then any BB creams I have tried.

It blends in nicely to my face so it gives that "no make-up" look which for summer I really love.  Talking about summer and sun this has a SPF factor of 50 which I think it great as normally I only see foundations or creams with an SPF factor of 30.  I can't really say if I've noticed a difference though as I've only worn it for a week and well it's been more rain then shine sadly.

What I HAVE noticed though is that it's claim to rid dark circles has indeed come true in my case.  I have only used this for a week but have noticed a dramatic change in the dark circles.  They have disappeared completely but I've noticed there not so black anymore.....or maybe I've been getting more sleep (I don't think so though).

Let me know what you think.  Do you think my circles have gone?  Have you used this product?  Normally Avon products don't impress me but this has.  Until next time.


  1. Your review definitely makes me want to try this out!
    Love it when foundations / bb creams have such a high SPF in them!



    1. thanks :). I'm glad my review made you think like that (I can't even think of the word my brain is dead lol)