Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Review | Pamela Mann Tights popart/swan over knee

Hi everyone!  So the lovely guys at Pamela Mann Tights sent me two lovely pair of tights to review.  I had already been on their site stalking all their lovely items.  The pop art tights they sent were actually one of my favourites.  I wasn't too keen on the swan over the knee tights but I'm so glad they sent them too me as they grew on me from the start.

Swan Overknee Tights

These are the first pair I wore.  These j.size 8-14 I was quite worried they wouldn't fit me as normally "one size fits all" realllly isn't the case for me. However they did!  I was sooooooo happy!  They looked lush on me as well.  The swans didn't look overly stretched either which I was also worried about.  I wore them with my purple shorts to show off the swan.

I felt really confident wearing these I felt they made my legs look great. How did they do though did they last?  Were there any holes?  How did they do when washing?  Well I can tell you with confidence they came out on top.  I wore them in the wind and rain and washed them (inside a pillow case) on a normal spin with the rest of my washing.  They had no holes or ladders and looked great yet again!

You can find them here for £9.99! Click here.  Also if you haven't subscribed to me over on Youtube you should go do that now as I'll be giving a pair of these away to one lucky viewer later on in the week!

Popart tights

I was really excited to get these in the post.  I love popart /comic style tights.  I wore them around the house to see if they could handle my sons rough play etc.  I'm glad to say they survived and looked great through out the day and also didn't look bad when stretched to fit my body!

You may notice that they look a bit blue...well funny you should say that *nervous laugh*.  I washed these in a pillowcase to stop them getting caught on anything and getting damaged.  Said pillowcase was blue...I forgot they were white so yeah their blue now.  To be honest though I still think they look great!  so i'll still happily wear them.  My friends and family think so too so all around great!  If you'd like to buy these (the white version of course) then you can find them here for £9.99

I'll be uploading my video review on youtube this week as well so keep an eye out.  Until next time bye!


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