Monday, 14 July 2014

Lime and Tonic dinner experience | Public House meal for two

So about a week ago (could be longer I've been all over the place even double booked myself the other day!) me and my partner were invited to attend a dinner experience by Lime & Tonic.  This was to be held at Public House in Islington.  I was really excited and didn't really know what to expect.  I was also worried slightly as I am on the weight watchers diet.  So what happened and how did I get on?

Straight away we were welcomed with a friendly reception.  We took our seats and the barman straight away made us a refreshing cool cucumber cocktail.  Great for the summer's hot weather.  I was really impressed with the deco of Public House.  It wasn't what I expected at all.  Everything was so different and it reminded me of a students dorms but very artistic in a way.  For me it was great but I expect someone with OCD it would of made them go bonkers ha ha.

After we had finished our cocktail we were walked over to a lovely wooden table.  There were lot of candles around it was quite romantic.  

We ordered our starter and main and decided to wait to order our desert.  We were giving a cocktail each course that would compliment the dish.  The starter was a fried egg on a bed of asparagus.  It was absolutely delicious. Heck even Matthew enjoyed it and he is a really fussy eater.  With this the cocktail was a fresh lemon cocktail.  I loved it but Matthew on the other hand wasn't too keen but he did drink it all ha ha.

Next up was the belly and fillet of pork.  This was served with a tomato a salad along with butter beans.  Now my god this was amazing it literally melted in my mouth.  The butter beans were delicious too,  I had never tried them before but they reminded me of mash.  Either way I knew if I brought some I would fail at making them as tasty as the chef did.  It's safe to say Matthew was in heaven.  The cocktail was more fruit based and my mouth welcomed it.  Presentation was beautiful as always. Matthew you liked it but he was started to feel a bit woozy from too much alcohol him and alcohol don't mix well.....I was happy to finish his off though.

For desert we were given two choices.  The first being a chocolate Guinness cake, the second being a cheese board.  Me and Matthew agreed we didn't want to miss out on either so he chose the cake and I chose the cheese board.  I never really have cheese boards before but I knew my dad would be jealous as he is a massive fan of cheese.  Normally I would be like "Awww man I want the cake" but I seriously wasn't. It was beautiful and the pickle was to die for.  I loved all of the different textures and flavours.

My partner of course loved the cake as it was chocolate but said it was a bit dry.  This was probably due to the Guinness though.  However he did say that the honeycomb cream complimented it well.

The last cocktail was a sort of orange based brandy.  It was way too strong for me and Matthew. Reminded me of Christmas pudding. I'm sure my parents would of liked it but it just wasn't for me.  It did compliment the food though.

All in all our night was fantastic and Public House really is a unexplored treasure that I feel more people need to discover.  I will without a doubt be back again.  Me and Matthew have also discussed about going back their for our 1 year anniversary however chinatown is still an old favourite.  Lime & Tonic have lots of other experiences though that you must check out.  They range from afternoon teas to experiences like these with cocktails.  Until next time folks!


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