Friday, 4 July 2014

Event | BGO Charity Casino Night

Hello everyone, god I feel so dead right now.  It's so blooming hot and I've been up since 10am (yay lie in) and I'm only just finding time to type this post up no.  Oh and it's 16:22pm! Madness right?  So anyway last week I attended a BGO Charity Casino Night.  I was so excited for this event but also veryyyy nervous.  I knew we would get chips to play with and we would also get told how to play Blackjack and Roulette. Trouble is though I felt like it was going to go through on ear and out the other.  Luckily that didn't happen. 
So as usual I got there extra early.  It seems with me I'm either late or early.  I've always been one for hating to get there late though so I'm happy with early.  I was warmly welcomed and offered a coffee, tea or even some fizzy!  Top marks right there.  I was nervous however so I decided against it.  I don't like even drinking infront of people if I'm nervous.  The reception was lovely though and I did feel right at home.

It wasn't long until lots of fellow bloggers turned up.   First to arrive was the stunning Diana Thompson.  I've never met her before but I loved her style and what she was wearing.  Soon we all went upstairs and I was straight away greeted with a glass of bubbly.  I am on a diet but I thought we would only be having one.  Little did I know we kept getting top ups so later on I politely asked for a diet coke.  I felt soooo guilty but it was for the better of my diet (and it paid off). 

I was a bit nervous at first and avoided going straight up.  I joked around with some of the girls and said how we had to crab walk there just slowly.  Soon enough I did get to the table but watching first.  I like to observe before I join anything.  The guy at the table I was at was soooooo nice.  Like seriously he was one of loveliest guys I've ever met.  Part of me wanted to take him home with me so we could be best buds...yeah I'm odd don't you know it.

So how well did I do, you ask? Well we started off with 30 chips each.  I started off to a really good start.  I was up 10 chips on Blackjack and thought I'd try my luck with roulette.  Bad idea that was I lost those 10 chips.  So I went back to Blackjack again. Many laughs were shared, I kept getting 17.  I asked the dealer "Do you hate me stop giving me 17, this is your fault you know".  Then I got loads of aces it was unbelievable everyone was laughing I went down to the cards and said "Go away! Your not wanted here I don't love you" ha ha.  

In the end I managed to get back up to 40 chips.  So I managed to win a little bit for the WWF which I was pleased about.  I had to go home before it finished sadly. There was a dinosaur up for grabs and it went to a teacher so her classroom would indeed love it!  I really enjoyed my night out and so thank you Joe for letting me be a wonderful part of this event.  Until next week!

LOVELY people!


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