Sunday, 8 June 2014

Review | Bare Foot Peppermint & Plum scrub

Hello again everyone, oh look I'm back to the reviews again.  It was a nice having a changed for the past 2 weeks though eh?  I do love doing reviews though especially if I find a good product.  I think it's important to give not so well known products out there the credit they deserve when I find a good product.  Today I am reviewing the Bare Foot Peppermint and Plum foot scrub.

I'm not going to lie I didn't really know what to do at first.  Like I knew what to do but I didn't know where to do it.  It was a choice between sitting on the edge of the bath then showering the mixture off, or sitting on the sofa downstairs and then dunking my feeting in a bowl of warm water.  Of course either options are good but I went with the first option.  This being to be honest it required much less effort ha ha.

So when I opened it up I was introduced with this.  Quite a nice purple colour.  It smelt lush too, so it was easy on the nose and eyes.  I scrubbed it onto both my feet making sure I scrubbed harder in the needed places.  Even though this was a smaller size what looks to be a sample size it did both my feet.  Infact even though they do bigger tube sizes these would be great for travel or to put in goodie bags.  Just like the facemaks heck even on a girly night with a few girlfriends round these would be good.

I won't torture you with a picture of my feet that's just cruel.  I can without a doubt tell you though that my feet feel so much softer now.  To be honest I've never scrubbed my feet before but I think it's something I'll be doing a lot more of in the future.  Ta ta for now and watch out next week for my new blog post.  Don't know what day as it's been harder to keep it on Friday these past few weeks due to stress at home.


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