Saturday, 28 June 2014

My Asos sale wishlist

Hello again everyone!  So if you good people follow me over on twitter or indeed instagram you would of seen that I am now a Asos Insider!!! Ekk how exciting is that!  I got a little package inside the post and it was soo cute.  Go check out my social media sites on the right and have a look for yourself.

So it was hard NOT to notice that Asos had put up a 50% sale.  That's right a massive 50% off some fabulous clothes.  Sadly the timing is bad for myself and I can't yet buy anything. I will have to remind my boyfriend prehaps when I've lost more weight to buy me these things eh?  After all if I lose a lot of weight I deserve it right?....As well as having the problem of needing new clothes so I actually have some that fit me ha ha.

So what have I got on my list?



Cheap Monday Skull Sweatshirt
Worn By Skeleton Hand Sweatshirt


That's it for my wishlist.  You might notice that there are no shoes.  I've done this to save my wallet from further damage as well as handbags. I seem to have the typical girly problems of loving shoes and bags too much.  I never thought I would have that problem but it seems I do, oh dear! Oh well what's a girl to do?  If you'd like to check out everything in the Asos sale you can do so by following this link . There are literally tons of items and your bound to find something for every occasion I kid you not.  Until next time my lovelies.


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