Friday, 13 June 2014

Event | Crabtree and Evelyn

Hello me lovelies! So last week I attended the Crabtree and Evelyn beauty event.  Not going to lie I'm going to hold my hand up and shamefully admit I didn't know about them.  Even my dad knows about them! How embarrassing.  Well I can tell you one thing I won't be forgetting them now I know about them! I fell in love with the shop as soon as I set my eyes on it.  The shop had a shabby chic look to it and I LOVE shabby chic at the moment.  I was greeted by the lovely Jamie who went over with what was happening.  She showed me all about the handytips tree, which was without a doubt so beautiful!

I added my tip to the tree and was poured a glass of bubbly fruit by the beautiful Emma.  I was a bit cheeky as well and had a mini cupcake.  I started looking at the perfumes as that was my most interested area as I still have yet to buy one (I know I know it's bad).  It was hard not to notice the fathers day section.  It was a lovely modernised version of old spice.  They were all so different and unique.  If anyone still hasn't brought there dad a fathers day gift I highly recommended going into your local Crabtree shop and having a good old whiff of the aftershave!

After trying out a few scents I think these two had to be my favourite without a doubt!  Thank you so much Emma for showing me these! I can safely say I know what I'm asking for my birthday.  The first one "Somerset Meadow" is perfectly named, it smells of grass and lemon.  I don't know about anyone else but I LOVE the smell of grass.  The second one is "Pear and Pink Magnolia" and this is THEE scent the wear if your a bride to be.  I kid you not this is the perfume I've been searching for all my life.  It probably sounds like I'm over exaggerating but far from it.  I've always wanted that long lasting sweet flower smell.  However I didn't want a strong scent.  I'm happy to say this is both of these things and the smell is to die for. 

I was very happy to hear that scented paper is making a comeback.  I myself am a huge fan.  Both my nans put it in their chest of draws.  It's a great way to make your clothes smell lovely without the use of fabric conditioner.

It was then time to get a hand scrub and then afterwards a hand massage by the ever so lovely Daisy!  I was quite surprised to be told that my hands were in quite good condition, as I've never really done anything to look after them.  This was probably due to the fact I'm only in my early 20's though.  To most though it really did make an amazing difference.  You can see this by the picture below!

Left after scrub, right before.
It was an amazing experience and I am blessed and lucky to have been invited.  So thank you Crabtree and Evelyn I appreciate it.  Thank you for reading this post and I'll be back with another post next week.  Bye for now! p.s thank you for this lovely photo of me!  It's one of the only photos I actually think I look pretty.


  1. Was a fab event wasn't it. I've been doing regular hand scrubs since then!

    1. Really? I haven't...I'm pretty bad at that kinda stuff though being a mum I have to remember to take time out for me ha ha.