Saturday, 17 May 2014

Tag | Five product face challenge

Hi everyone, I know I promised the L'Oreal creme gloss review but I haven't had the chance to dye my hair yet.  Infact I should be getting it done tomorrow!  Now the lovely Lauren over at Petit Moi Big World tagged me for this challenge.  I've actually got tagged in a few stuff but I never have enough time to do them so it's a nice change for the week.

So above you will see 5 of the products I used for this challenge.  It was quite hard as I have so many beauty products now, but I picked some recent favorites, and some ones I've loved for a while.  So lets get started!

The Face

So too start off with I always prime my face now.  After learning about the importance of priming whilst watching the Beauty Crowd.  As they say it's a "crime not to prime".  I use Rimmel's Stay Matte primer for this.  It has a very creamy but light texture to it and blends in really nicely.

Next it my foundation, now to start off with I really loved this foundation.  It is a beautiful colour really pale which suits my skin.  Although I've been tanning recently my heart is with the pale people.  (BIG US UP YEAH BOY!....*hides*).  However I've now come into a slight problem with it.  Recently it has made my face cakey and dry so I won't be using this for much longer.  Any tips girls (or guys!) would be appreciated.

The eyes

Next up we have my new favourite mascara.  The luscious Miss Manga by L'Oreal, I absolutely love this.  Whenever someone see's me with this on they always say how it suits me.  I feel like it gives that false doll eye lashes look as well.  Which for me is exactly what I want! I know this product has been a bit hit and miss but I really do think it's how you use it.  You can get so many different outcomes with it.


So for my cheeks I either use my palette that I got from ELF, or I use this beauty that my sister got me for Christmas.  It is I believe the Boots own range and so it's quite cheap but oh so effective.  You can put it on lightly which I like to do, or build it up.


So I got this Loreal Extraordinaire in my Loreal goody bag when I went to the casting.  If you haven't heard about my time with Loreal you can read about it here.  The colour suits me really well and feels like a lipgloss but has that impact of a lipstick.  I've nicked named it the lipgloss lipstick.  I reckon I'll be wearing this a lot more then my lipstick that I do have.

So that's it for this week!  Sorry for the delay but I think the wait was worth it.  I got a new camera and look at the difference in quality! I tag:

Becky over at -

Hopefully next weeks blog will be a review of that hair dye I need to review!  Who knows though, until next time!


  1. I love catching a glimpse at the beauty products other people are loving. The primer looks fab!

    1. Yeah it makes it stay on much longer :D.

  2. I just bought my first primer last week and I am totally amazed by it. I prefer a lip balm feel to my lippy as my lips tend to get very dry, I think I will have to try the L'Oreal Extraordinaire. Great post.

    1. Yeah I'm the same xx especially in winter I still need to find a lip balm that keeps my lips not dry all day.

  3. Such a good tag! I think i might have a go too! haha
    new follower :)

    Sarah xx

  4. Love this tag idea!