Friday, 2 May 2014

Review | Sanctuary Spa body butter

Hello there!  It's that time of week again for another beauty blog post.  Despite the picture this weeks weather has been quite miserable.  I'm hoping it's bright during the weekend as I've got a BBQ.  Anyway this weeks review is on Sanctuary Spa's Body Butter. 

The nice guys over at Sanctuary Spa sent me this in the post as a thank you for joining up on their website.  It's quite a nice little sized pot at 50ml.  Good for travelling with.  How does it compare to other famous body butters though such as The Body Shop?  

Well as soon as I opened it up I noticed straight away the strong smell of Talc-n-powder.  I don't mind the smell so much infact I'm quite used to it being a mother.  However I could understand why others might be put off by this.  When applying after the bath I did notice that it was a look more "loose" if you want to call it then other body butters that I have used.  Though I don't mind as much as I then feel it covers more area.  It also made my legs feel smooth which is obviously a good sign.  

Sadly I won't be making a purchase from Sanctuary Spa anytime soon.  Don't get me wrong I want to god I do! Sadly I just don't have the money though but I don't want it to go to waste as I want to give back to my readers.  So for one use only enter the code "THANKYOU20" The next time you purchase something.

It really is a good code as I am really grateful to have all my readers and I probably don't say it enough but Thank you!


  1. The salt scrub that they do is AMAZING! x

    1. It looks really good! I've never used a salt scrub before >W<