Sunday, 11 May 2014

Event | L'Oreal Advert Audition

Hello there everyone, today I will be talking about my Loreal Advert Audition experience.  This was held on Friday in London.  I was going to try and do this blog during that night.  However I didn't get back until late as I actually made 2 new friends but I shall get to that later.  

So I started the day by washing my face and applying a very natural make-up look. I wanted to contour and highlight on this day but I hadn't been so good at it recently.  I followed this tutorial and my god it was amazing! You can see it over here.  After that was done I headed to the train station to make my journey to London.  On the way I had a delay where I had to switch trains.  The driver kept saying sorry bless him.  I was nearly late but I managed to get there in the nick of time.

Straight away I was welcomed and asked if I would like a glass of wine or a bottle of water.  I opted for water before my casting as I was really hot from rushing around trying to find the place.  I didn't want to look a hot and sweaty mess on camera.  I was told to fill in forms and then I had my photo taken whilst I held up a sign with my name on it and the number 64.  I was then to my surprise given a goodie bag. I really wasn't expecting it considering I had already been told I could claim back travel!  I've only been to 3 events prior this and only one has offered a goodie bag and neither has offered travel.

Next was the casting, I was expecting to go in solo but we were actually cast in groups.  We were asked to show our hands and then do a profile of our face.  Next came the questions.  They were just basic questions nothing to fancy or anything.  I interrupted a few times though which I knew was my down fall.  I was trying to make conversation on the camera though as I felt it would be better.....but I reckon I was wrong ha ha.

After that our group when back into the room and I started chatting to one of the girls called Sabrina she was really lovely, I then got myself half a glass of wine.  We then met Sunita, we got on really well, people even asked us if we were friends at uni ha ha.  There was a table full of L'Oreal make-up products where if you didn't like the shade that was in your goodie bag you could swap them for a different shade.

I was then introduced to this little number the Loreal Blur cream. A woman demonstrated it to me and Sabrina and I was generally shocked.  It was as if her skin had been photoshopped to get rid of the winkles on her hand.  Now I'm quite lucky as I don't have many winkles but I few people tried it and my god it literally was like magic and I HIGHLY recommend this to anybody with winkles around or under there eyes. I may not have any yet but I'm holding on to this, that's for sure.

I stayed and chatted with the girls for a while, but then I had to go for another event, which I will be talking about over at my parental blog. Sunita and me agreed to meet up later though for dinner, which was really nice.  We went to Wagamama's which I absolutely love, I also met another girls whose name slips my mind.  All in all it was a fantastic experience, I may not be in the advert but you know what I wouldn't regret it, because I met some new wonderful people.  Next week I review L'Oreal's Nutri-gloss hair dye!


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