Saturday, 19 April 2014

Review | Urban Retreat Moisturiser

Hello my little Easter bunny's.  I hope your doing well this day before Easter.  I know most of you have probably already tucked into your eggs. I for one have tucked into one oh the shameeee.  I was lucky enough to win a Quality Street egg with the purple nut sweet and the pink fudge, lucky me!  Anyway enough gibberish let me talk about this lovely sample I got sent!

So I decided to apply this after using my Soap & Glory make-up remover/cleaner (it's a 3-in-1).  It was smooth to apply and I didn't need to use much.  However something odd then happened.  My face went stiff and went a bit red in area's.  The only thing I could think of is maybe it was reacting with the cleanser?  By 20 minutes the redness went down but the stiffness was still there.  It wasn't until an hour later when the stiffness disappeared.  I don't know why this happened but I think I'll stick to my Nivea moisturiser for now.

Good news though if you are a Urban Retreat Skincare lover!  they sent me a code where you can save 15% on the full range!  How awesome is that.  The code is "URBANES15" and is valid until the 30th of April. If you don't know their website then you're in luck here it is Urban Retreat.

Next week watch out for my Sanctuary Spa body butter review! 


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