Saturday, 12 April 2014

Event | Gianmarco Lorenzi Fashion Launch

Hello my fellow fluffy clouds! So this Thursday (10th of April if anyone was wondering) I went to the Gianmarco Lorenzi Re-launch for their SS14 collection.  It was a huge honor to get invited considering my beauty/fashion blog has only been up since January!  the event was at 6pm and we got there just a few minutes after, I've always been one for getting to places on time.  My plus one was my lovely friend Variety so is so beautiful and I'm so glad I invited her because we managed to have really good topic related discussion.  When we got to the event we were welcome with warm responses and I was told to "sign in" into a black book.  First awkward moment of the night was me putting my address down when they didn't ask for it.  Suppose I was in auto mode ha ha.  Then I got handed this lovely gold envelope (if you want to know what's inside then please keep reading as it might benefit you *hint hint*)

We then went and looked at the shoes.  Me and Variety straight away spotted these 2 pairs of gorgeous pastel coloured platforms.  Pastels are a big trend of Spring and will most likely stay for Summer as well as the Neon trend and flower print (though we haven't seen much of the flower print trend around)

The blue pastel colour has been a popular hit in shops and we've both seen in around a lot.  The purple platforms really intrigued us as they had these studs on the sides.  Not your average studs though,  they were different from other studs or spikes that are normally on shoes and added a unique Gianmarco Lorenzi twist.

Soon after we were offered cocktails which contained mint and my guesses were vodka and cranberry. They also had some cupcakes that were beautifully made.  with our drinks in hand we walked down to see more shoes. More and more people were turning up and the shop got busy in no time at all.  This was a good thing though as it made me feel like I was apart of something big.

I was very impressed with the shoes pictured above. They were a nude colour but they offered a different design to customers so they weren't just your average nude heels.  They would definitely grab the attention of shoe lovers for being so basic but so unique!

Yet another pair that caught me and Variety's eyes were these amazing "winged" heels. I am a lover of winged trainers so I was definitely a fan of these.  The picture really doesn't do them justice. 

After going to one end of the shop we worked are way back up and picked up a yummy scrummy cupcake on the way.  We noticed these lovely heels while waiting to go to the other end of the shop and a friendly woman showed us Beyonce wearing them!  That's right the ONE and ONLY Beyonce!  Just goes to show me and Variety have good taste ha ha!

After getting to the other end successfully and seeing some shoes we loved we came across this pair.....we feel in love instantly. Quite surprisingly too as this is not normally our taste. Variety nicked named them "Mermaid" which I actually thought was quite a fitting description.  I hope they don't mind but I moved the shoes for a better picture I feel like this does the shoes more justice. 

Afterwards we popped out as I wasn't feeling too good.  I sat down and we chatted about how awesome this guys afro seriously it defied gravity it was fabulous!  Not long after I was sick....I managed to rush to the bathroom and I was hoping that people thought I had a nosebleed.  I felt much better afterwards but it was to come back to haunt me as after going to the bathroom again after 30 mins of sitting outside (it was really hot in the shop due to loads of people) I nearly fainted.  This was due to the fact I had not eaten properly during the day despite eating before hand my body didn't have time to actually digest it I'm guessing (opps)

I was so thankful to Variety for making sure I was okay and the Russian woman was so lovely and got me a glass of water and we talked about my son.  She couldn't believe I was just 24 though haha.  After feeling much better we headed off and I treated myself to sushi and noodles.  I had to get my Japanese food whilst being in London ha ha. We then headed off home.  Even though my first event as a blogger had a few problems (due to me though) it was still very enjoyable and I really can't fault the staff at Gianmarco Lorenzi they were so welcoming and friendly.

Right so in my gold envelope I received a 20% off of all SS14 collection.  It has no online code and as I don't have and probably never will have enough money for the amazing shoes sold at their shop and I'm hardly ever in London anyway I thought I would give it away.  If your interested in the discount please tweet me at @candyfl0sscloud with the quote "I want 20% off @GMLorenziUK"    and if there is one more person by the end of the month I will do a random draw.  I will then contact you if you win for your address and send it to you via post.  

I hope you enjoyed this post and I'm sorry if it was a bit too long.  If you would like to look at all the shoes available at Gianmarco Lorenzi there website is linked here.  Last but not least here are a few more pictures of some shoes I really liked.


  1. Looks like you had a great time! Shocked you didn't get any freebies for blogging about them!
    Doubt their shoes would fit my size ten feet!

    1. The fact I got invited was honor enough and the free cocktails and cupcakes haha :P.