Friday, 25 April 2014

Event | Cocoa Brown SS14 Launch!

Hello everyone!  I hope everyone is having a fabulous Friday like always. So you may or may not know that yesterday I attended the amazing Cocoa Brown Launch.  I couldn't keep very social during the day as I don't have a smartphone and I as using my mums flip phone to stay in contact with people.  My mum was scared people would steal it bless her heart ha ha.  Me and Katie Guilding decided to both meet up at the London Eye as we were both travelling alone.  It was also Katie's first event and I know like anyone who daunting it can feel going to an event by yourself.  

We arrived at the Park Plaza Hotel at about 11am.  The hotel was really impressive and you instantly had that feeling of VIP.  When we got to the launch we were immediately welcomed with open arms and everyone was so friendly.  We sat down with our stuff grabbed a drink and were introduced to Stephanie who showed us the SS14 collection and talked to us about them.  Can I just say Stephanie looked so beautiful and I was so jealous of her tan!  You know that Cocoa Brown is a good product when no-one in the room is orange!

The SS14 Cocoa Brown Collection
The goodie bags
We were then handed a goodie bag each and to say I felt guilty didn't even cover it!  I've only been blogging for about 4/5 months now and I felt really guilty until Hollie made me realise that I actually work really hard as a blogger. We then got to meet the amazingly drop dead gorgeous Merrisa Carter.  She so lovely and like me has a 2 year old.  She was so kind and friendly, everyone was.  I got to take a picture with her but looked like death due to me having a cold ha ha.    

Awkward hand!...and hair.
I got a bit peckish so helped myself to a pastry.  There were lots of delicious treats for us to help our selves too, as well as tea and coffee  I also noticed that the water they supplied was making donations to Great Ormond Street which impressed me. 

I then started to mingle with other bloggers,  I thought at first this would be hard but I found it quite easy.  I'm not normally a very confident chatter as I feel I make most situations awkward.  To my surprise though it just seemed to flow naturally.  I took plenty of pictures and talked to other bloggers about, well, their blog and how long they had been blogging.  I think I was probably the blogging newbie out of everyone there. I managed to give some bloggers tips though about Google's rules, as a parental blogger too we get alot more help then beauty bloggers.  I might be covering some SEO, Google Analytics and Re=no follow topics on my live stream that is starting next week. (follow me on Twitter to find out more @candyfl0sscloud).

The launch was lovely and it was great to be in a room with other bloggers chatting and after talking with Stephanie and Marissa I'm now confident to try their gradual tan!  I guess your all wondering what I got in my goodie bag well here it is.  I truly do feel blessed right now and I can't wait to try and review all these wonderful products especially before going on holiday!

I apologise about the lighting but the sun has gone in today boo!  So after I was finished at the launch Ileft with Lottie and went to buy Japanese curry and Bubble Tea I got the Banoffee Pie that Henriette suggested and it was sooo good!  Thank for suggesting it! Next week I don't know what my post will be about as I might be going to the Carnaby Shopping Party so keep your eyes peeled!

I took a picture half way through eating it, it was so tasty!


  1. How nice to attend a launch party. Thank you for sharing with us and looking forward to your reviews. X

    D, x