Friday, 7 March 2014

Review | Pixi Tinted Brilliance Balm

 Hi everyone!  So if you haven't guessed already by the picture above (and of course the title) today I am reviewing Pixi's Tinted Brilliance Balm. I got this last week in the post as I had won it in a little giveaway.  I didn't really understand it at first as I thought it was just a pencil.  In actual fact it is, but it also works as a balm.  Not only that, but this little gem also works WITH your natural lip colour, how amazing is that!  I was so excited to try this when I read all about it on the packaging.

So this balm is in the shade Rosey Red  which is a beautiful colour.  When applied and left for a bit it fades to work with my natural colour so it ends up a bit lighter then what the shade actually is.  However I found you can build it up to make it darker if you desire.  When I first tried it, I was surprised that it dry really quickly on my lips.  Now this isn't the first time this has happened and I was starting to question my own lips.  After talking to my good blogging friend Laura for a bit I realised that maybe my lips were too dry.  So I decided to apply lip balm before.  After applying after lipbalm this lip pencil didn't dry out AND looked amazing.

I obviously don't know the exact shade you will receive as it works with the Ph level of your lips. This is the colour though before it starts to work with your lip. It's very beautiful but I feel it is more for a night out or winter as we are now coming into Spring.  Unlike the LAQA lip pencil I tried before hand it glides on really well on my lips.  I can say without a doubt that if I go out during the evening or during winter this will be a must have for my lips.

More about Pixi

I can see me buying more from Pixi because as well as having beautiful products they also have some great benefits.  The first thing I should mention is that they don't test on animals which really puts them up there with Lush and The Body Shop. Another thing which really relates with me is that the owner is a busy mum of 2.  This is important to me as it means her products are made for busy mums in mind and they are quick and no fuss products. With all this in mind I can defiantly list them along with my favourite companies.

Have you ever tried Pixi? If so what are your favourite products? 


  1. It looks great! Wish I got this Pixi lip thingy as well :P

    1. I don't buy make-up often to be honest because I'm a mum so always more focused on my home and my son but I reckon this is right up there along with Lush, ELF and The body shop they look like a great company :D

  2. I'm really glad that it's working better for you now!

    1. Yeah I'm so glad we talked about it. my lips are getting better now and I'm trying to drink more water :D