Friday, 28 March 2014

My nail care routine.

Hi everyone, the as much as I have lots of reviews lined up I know that sometimes it can be a bit well repetitive and boring.  This week I'm going to be talking to you about my nail care routine.  Admittedly it's nothing special but it might help a few people out with their nails.  

This is the first time I've ever I've managed to grow my nails successfully without biting them and I'm so happy.  So what made me stop biting my nails? You may think it was nail vanish that made my nails taste horrible, nope.  Maybe wearing gloves?  Wrong again.  It was simply the help of beauty bloggers and seeing so many pretty nail polish and my will power.  I was sick of seeing lots of nice pretty nails and not being able to have my own.  Yes I could of painted them but I prefer to have nice long nails before painting them.

My first step (growing them)

So what I did first was I started taking Asda's hair and nail vitamins.  I got Asda's own as I didn't want to buy an expensive brand and get ripped off.  It was only week one and already my nails have grown dramatically! After taking the vitamins for just 4 weeks (and let it be noted that sometimes I missed days) my nails looked like this.

My second step (keeping them strong)

So when in Wilkinsons I decided to buy some nail polish remover.  I didn't have much money though to buy a nail strengthener though. I brought this and luckily it had some strengthener built into it.  I used this that day and oh my god it works amazingly well!  Only had to use 2 cotton balls worth and I didn't have to scrub it came off so easily!

Other things you should buy though are obviously nails files to maintain your nails and buy strength nail polish sometimes you can find them in base coats or top coats. I've probably missed a few things out you need to buy to maintain your nails but I'm only a beginner.  I shall update this everytime my routine changes.

What is your nail care routine?


  1. I think I need to do a post like this - Being a nail obsessive would suggest so haha!

    I've been trying to practice ways to help mine to not snap off but not worked too well thus far, sadly! But practice makes perfect

    Laura - - xxx

    1. funny you should say that 2 of mine broke today T^T