Saturday, 22 February 2014

Review | Creamy Candy Vanilla Bubble Bar

Hi everyone, today's review is all about my Lush soap review.  This was brought for me by my partner in the £10 beauty challenge I gave him.  If you follow me on Youtube then you should know all about it.  However for those of you who don't then please play the video below.

Now sadly I will be using stock photos for my review as I did take pictures but the computer I had the imagine on, well the hard drive died.  Very annoying considering how long it took me to take a decent picture with good lighting argh!  Anyway so the review.

As you can see it's a very pretty bar and the instructions were to crumble this under a running tap.  I used all of my bar up in one bath and was surprised about the lack of bubbles.  I think my son's had more bubbles with his bubble bath products and I only put a small amount in.  It was disappointing as I love bubbles.


The smell however was amazing, though I don't know why they said vanilla.  The smell was so familiar and I couldn't stop trying to figure it out.  Then I got it!  It smelt exactly like Parma Violets.  You know those purple sweets that look kinda like tablets? If you don't know then Google Parma Violets and you'll know what I mean.  Matthew didn't believe me and so he went downstairs as luckily enough we had some in the cupboard.  He open them up and said "how on earth did you figure that out" ha ha.

The soap felt really nice on my body and left it feeling smooth, though not as silky as some other products that I have tried.  I must say though it must of had some sort of lavender like substance inside because when I went to bed I fell asleep so easily.  Which was a good thing for me as normally my brain stops me from sleeping.  I'm always thinking about what I should go downstairs and do (even if I'm as tired as hell) or what I'll do the next day.  So maybe those that have trouble sleeping should try this product?  It made me sleep easy that's for sure!

If you can't wait to get your hands on this bubble bar then you can by it from the Lush store online.  It costs just £2.50 so it won't cost you an arm and a leg to have a nice relaxing bath.  Until next time my lovelies.

What is your favourite Lush product?


  1. This is my favourite lush product, iv been using it for years, the smell is amazing and it leaves your skin so lovely and soft,

    1. I can't believe how it made me fall asleep so easily! ha ha xxxx