Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Fashion Feburary | Challenge 3

Hello everyone so this week the challenge is tartan.  Not going to lie I'm going to hate the outfit I make, purely for the fact I can't stand tartan.  The only time I think tartan looks good is during a school uniform.  I hate it so much like I can't even.  I wouldn't dare ever wear it, I wouldn't feel right.  Any who I decided to obviously do the outfit despite my hatred but based it on a school uniform.


Tartan Skirt - Karma Cothing - £9.99
Boots - Boo Hoo - £50.00
Sunglasses - Dolls Kills - £35
Top - New Look - £14.99
Tights - Boy Meets Girl - £11

So I'm quite pleased with how this turned out actually.  I don't think I did too bad.  The extra challenge was to add in cat sunglasses which are a current on street trend.  I really LOVE these sunglasses but I doubt I'll buy them.  At £35 and then shipping to get them here from America is just too expensive, which is a damn shame.  Then there is the boots,  I really like these boots I just have nothing to go with them (an excuse to buy a whole new outfit?).  I didn't have room sadly as I'm on a laptop that doesn't have photoshop (boyfriend killed original laptop long story, it's getting fixed though!) so I only could work with paint urgh.  I would suggest adding a black or red cardigan though with a long strapped handbag or backpack.

I really hope this blog wasn't too boring for you guys.  Please comment below with what you thought and send me links if your part of Fashion February.  Only one more challenge left!  Until next week guys, peace out!


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