Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Fashion February | Challenge 2

Hi everyone!  So last week you should of seen my first challenge for Fashion February. If you didn't then here ya go click here.  This week our challenge was Harem pants and how to incorporate it with an ear cuff. I thought this was going to be quite hard as I when I wear Harem pants it's normally just to lounge around the house in.  It's basically like my version of sweatpants.  Once I found the Harem pants I wanted to use though, a rough idea of an outfit popped into my head.

Basically the outfit you see below is perfect for lounging around in but also great in the summer if you want to pop out.  I always have found Harem pants really comfy.  Even though I'm not a massive lover of Harem pants I think they are a great way to keep your legs warm at the end of the summer when the wind is picking up.   The ear cuff was a bit harder to find as I wanted something to go with the theme but I didn't want to go over board.  I don't think it is too much but I think it's enough to make a statement, so I'm happy with that.

Harem Pants - Forever21 - £16.75
T-shirt - Dolls Kill - £33.49
Ear cuff - Asos - £8
Sunglasses - New Look - £4.99
Sandels - River Island - £35.00

So I hope you all liked my lounge/casual outfit.  Please as always tell me what you think.  Do you like the outfit?  Is there anything you would change?  What's your favorite item?  Also as well I would just like to say a big thank you to Ali who is hosting this fabulous challenge. Until next time byeeeeeeeee.


  1. Great outfit, that ear cuff is adorable!
    x Ali

  2. looks a comfy outfit i need to stop with leggins though lol prefer the skinny jeans x