Sunday, 19 January 2014

Review & Swatches | ELF moisturising lipstick


Hi again everyone! So recently I have discovered a shop called ELF.  There products are beautiful and affordable!  Seriously if you don't know about them check them out now!  I was lucky enough to win 8 shades of their new moisturising lipstick! As well as loads of other goodies which I'll be reviewing at a later date ;).  I was super excited to try them as, as I'm getting back into make-up I need more lipsticks in my collection.


Sadly I don't know the names of the shades as they are not named on the bottom of the product which is a shame but instead have some swatches on my arm.


As you can see they are all beautiful colours!  My favourite is of course the lightest shade being pale and all but they are all pretty.

The Review

So I was kinda nervous in a way of reviewing this as I hadn't worn any other lipstick other then black!  I also had to wait a while as I was ill (just my luck!).  After I had recovered and was going out I decided to wear the lightest colour.  It applied really nicely and felt smooth on my lips.  However after about only an hour I noticed the lipstick faded.  I felt really disappointed as I was hoping it would last a few hours before I needed to touch it up.  I did not give up though and I tested it a few more times.  I even applied it over a primer in the hope to make it last longer (A helpful tip I got from The Beauty Crowd!).  It did make it last longer but not by much.

I've put it down though as it's not the products fault but infact my lips and the lipstick is probably just doing it's job!  You see recently I have noticed that I have been getting dry lips a lot and broken a bit. I think that the lipstick would probably last longer on lips that aren't as dry as mine but even so at least I know the moisturising lipstick is doing what it's meant to be doing.  For just £3.75 I would say it's worth giving a go.

If you would like to know more about beauty crowd and get involved then here is a link to their facebook group where they announce (as well as on their twitter) when they are streaming live.  It's a lot of fun and everyone is friendly Click here

Like to win a ELF 10pc brushset?  Click here


  1. I have a review of these coming today too :) I had Coral Cutie & agree with the wear time

    Hayley -


    1. Kinda glad it's not just me. I did see improvement the more I wore it which is a bit odd :s. Thanks for the comment :D. x

  2. Lovely colours! I think a lot of moisturising lipsticks can tend to fade quickly, but for £3.75 I guess you can't complain! x

    1. Yeah exactly I think it's a great price :D. I love the colour so much :D

      thank you for commenting ^_^

  3. Hiya love, I am loving your blog so I have nominated you for the Liebster award and all of the details of what to do are here
    Hiya love, I absolutely love your blog and I have nominated you for a Liebster award xxxx