Friday, 31 January 2014

Review | Diamond Sparkle Body Cream


So a lot of you might be confused around about now.  I know I kept on changing my mind about what I was going to review, but honestly I only got the lipbalm I WAS going to review on Wednesday and I really need some more time to review.  After all how am I going to get an honest opinion after using it just once?

Can you tell I've used it? ha ha
Anyway so I got this bodycream sample from the lovely guys over at Shine Like a Celeb*.  Straight away I noticed how nice the packaging was.  Yes I suppose it is standard but I like black don't judge me! Ha ha,  anyway as soon as I opened it up my nose picked up the sweet scent straight away!  It smelt of vanilla ice-cream.  I found myself a bit obsessed over the amazing smell and went up to my partner going "Matthew, Matthew!  You have to smell this oh my god it smells of vanilla ice-cream and cupcakes!  I want to eat it"...yep...not even joking, I got that excited over the smell of this body cream ha ha.


So this is what it looks like not blended in.  I was a bit confused as it said diamond sparkle but yet I hadn't seen anything of the sort.  However I was way to impatient as when blended in and caught in the light it was so beautiful.

sooooo pretttty

In a way it made me feel a bit like a vampire out of  the Twilight movie BUT in a good way.  I love this body cream and I applied it on my arms after I had a bath just a small amount is needed and it made my skin feel smooth.  I think I will be saving this though for my legs in summer. Can you imagine how nice my legs will look in summer sparkling every time they hit the light.  Beautiful, that is for sure and will definitely give me more reason and confidence to have my legs out in warm weather.

You can buy this lovely body cream here on their website for £38.  I can honestly say this is on my wishlist as I think it will last a long time and you get it in a beautiful glass jar.  Not only that but it is packed with vitamins A,B,C & E.  Add SHINE for 30% off.  Grab a bargain whilst you can!

*I got sent this sample to review however all opinions are my own and I have NOT been paid in anyway to give this opinion nor forced to give a positive review.  If I feel like there are some negatives I will post them honestly.


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