Tuesday, 31 December 2013

New blog New year.


Hi everyone! So yes a lot of you should know by now that this is my new beauty blog (if it isn't obvious already).  I have recently found a love for all things beauty and well I've always been into fashion. I'm doing this blog for two reasons.  My main reason is to make other mums feel beautiful.  I know this might sound odd but how many mums out there have low self esteem after having a baby and just feel sluggish?  I bet it's quite a few, and although it's okay to feel like this from time to time I want to let mums know they are not alone.  I too felt like this and wanted to make myself more presentable but I didn't know how or have the confidence to do so.  I want my blog to be fun to read but also filled with information and inspiration.  Even if I just make one bit of difference that will be enough even if only one parent goes "you know what I'm going to go treat myself today" then I feel like I would of succeeded.

the other reason is a learning process.  I have not always been into make-up, infact I used to hate it. I was bullied a lot in school and was forced to have make-overs by other girls which made me feel ugly and hate make-up.  The only make-up I used to wear was eyeliner and I hid behind it.  When I started college I started to get into make-up more and brought foundation etc.  Now I am into make-up more then ever and I want to learn as well as share my own tips I have found out.  I hope this blog will bring you some laughs, smiles and some good old knowledge that you didn't know about. This is not all about me though I want people to get involved leave comments with your tips and what you do, treat this blog as a type of forum.

I will leave it at that and I hope you find my first beauty blog post enjoyable (and of course the rest)

Big hugs from Rachel. x


  1. Welcome to the world of blogging! I hope your blog does well and I really appreciate the reasons why you started this blog. You should check out Bloglovin to help your potential followers to stay better connected with your blog.

    Best of luck!

    Shannon xx

    1. Wow thank you so much for your kind words. I'm afraid I've already beaten you to it haha here is my bloglovin :)