Sunday, 14 January 2018

4 things Network Marketing has done for me

What's this?  Rachels back with her blog? God damn is there meteors falling from the sky?  Ha ha no my friend it's not the end of the world I've just decided to dip my toe in the shallow side of the pool again.

So as most of you will know if you were reading this blog before hand and if you follow me on Facebook, I gave up blogging because of the pressure that came along with it.  Well I would be lying if I hadn't missed it and well this time round I'm gunna try and take it easy.  I'm only going to go to events if I have the money and obviously if they interest me.  I also won't be doing any product reviews, if I do it will be because I want to do them myself and 9/10 I will have brought them myself and not been sent them.  Last time I was sent so many things and had so many deadlines it just got too much.

Today I will be talking about network marketing, now by now you should of heard about network marketing and what it is, if not then I highly recommend you looking it up because I think for one it's fabulous sure it has it's haters just everything else does but for me I think it's an amazing opportunity that allows people like myself to work from home.  I mean you could class blogging really under the same category when you really think about it.  So lets get stuck into shall we, how has Network Marketing  helped;

Believing in myself

So self esteem has always been a big issue for me but NWM (Network Marketing) has really helped me believe in myself.  Well I suppose my mentor to be more specifically.  When I first joined NWM through a healthy lifestyle company (I won't mention the company you can take your guesses as I like the company I just had a bad team which I will talk about later), I was pretty confident I knew how to work as being an ex blogger I had a good experience on how to advertise and also about branding.  To my shock though I was taught to spam my status by using copy and paste methods and using images that 1000 of people had probably used before as well as using cold messaging techniques.  I knew in my heart that this just seemed wrong.  I mean why would I spam loads of people as if I was desperate it was just so tacky.  I always had doubt in my mind about the methods they were using and they didn't like the fact that I was asking why.  In November 2017 I met someone that changed everything! Her name is Danni Maley and I can't thank her enough, I did some training with her and BOOM it hit me,  I was RIGHT.  Everything I knew in the back of my head and what I should of been doing was right!  None of this spamming rubbish! Just plain old making friendships and letting people come to you! Because of this I now know I should trust myself more.  I need to give myself more credit.

More confidence

So you might think "isn't this the same as believing in yourself?" no no no my friend, you can feel confident but you might also still not trust your own instincts. So when you join a NWM company everybody will say how you need to read and watch some videos on self development.  I honestly thought at the beginning it was just a load of rubbish they told you to listen to because they want to keep you in their company.  I didn't start fully doing self development until around October 2017, this is when I started to build my confidence in myself,  I then realised that this doubt I had in myself wasn't because I was abnormal or because I just couldn't get on with people but instead because my old team was bullying me.  I had blamed myself for so long and when I started working on my self development my eyes were finely open to the amount of abuse I was getting from people who were supposed to support me.  For so long in my life I had been bullied from school to college and even now.  Well enough was enough and I then decided to close that door to my life.  The company was great but I owed it to myself to not put up with bullying behaviour.

Aiding my mental Health 

If you don't know by now well let me just remind you that I have anxiety and depression. I've suffered with it for a long time now but in 2018 I'm finally going into a year where I know I can control how I feel and how to take care of myself when I have my low days.  This is so hard for most people and it takes a long time to discover your triggers and how to handle those days that you just know are gunna be bad.  Take for today for example, today is actually a bad day for me, it may not seem like it but it is, mother nature came to visit me and so this whole week for me I know is going to be challenging.  However I now know the steps I need to take in order to say to myself "it's okay tomorrow will be better" which for those with depression is a very hard thing to do simple but hard.  I was able to do this because again of self development but it wasn't all that, whilst doing my self development I came across a blog about self care.  It was amazing, now you may think the 2 are the same but they are not, really in a way the self development is the mental side of things but the self care if the psychical.  It sounds really simple....and well it is but often if your a busy mum like me your forget to look after yourself.  These are just some of things I do to practice my self care on my low days

  • Taking a nice bubble bath (maybe with some lush products)
  • Using a face mask or using some hand scrub followed by some hand cream
  • Doing a puzzle or colouring 
  • Filling in my journal and writing down things I'm grateful for whilst listening to some Harry Potter ASMR music
Sounds simple doesn't it?  However have you done any of these lately?  If not then try it sometime it really is amazing.  I doubt I would of discovered this though without joining a NWM company.  If I did I probably wouldn't of added it into my routine.

Made me realise who my true friends are

So you read earlier that today is one of my bad days, well there is a reason for that.  Yesterday one of my long term friends showed her true colours, she always said about how she was worried about me joining these MLM companies because she described them as a "cult".  Now obviously I can see where she is coming from I am a very understanding person and she is allowed her opinion but time after time I expressed to her that I was fine and not to worry about me that no one was going to change me (and no one has, I'm still the fun loving nerd I was have been just much happier and more confident).  I let her be though she is her own person and she is allowed her opinions, however we were meant to meet up in London next month and she expressed how she actually was interested in buying some of the perfumes that I sell....however instead of buying from me and supporting her friend that she was so worried about.....she went ahead and brought them herself directly.  Now I know some of you might be thinking "maybe she didn't know you were with said company", sadly that is not the case she knew I was with them.  It's times like these where it really opens your eyes.  Are those who are "worried" or judge you for joining a MLM but supposedly "still your friend" really a friend?  Would they be there for you if you needed a lift to an event, what if you didn't have enough money for a hotel but needed somewhere to crash because you really wanted to go to the conference, would they offer you to crash at theirs?  It does get you thinking and I'm actually very thankful to NWM now as it's made me remove a "friend" from my life who obviously didn't know the true meaning of friendship.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Bath Bomb and Soap making event

So a few weeks ago I was invited to a Bath Bomb making event.  I was super excited as, as anyone could tell I love Lush and relaxing baths etc (saying that I might have one tonight)!  It was held at the rather lovely and lush Amba Hotel at Charing Cross by Midas Touch Crafts.  On upon arrival I bumped into Becky from Beckybedbugs.  I have followed her on twitter for a while but never met her.  After she wrote down her blog name it finally clicked!  So that was a great start to the day.  We were greeted with drinks and spoilt to an amazing lunch (I wish I could of taken the chef home with me).

After everyone had mingled and introduced themselves Naz from Midas Touch Crafts gave us a little history on soap.  Now normally history bores to sleep but it was actually really interesting how much soap had such an impact from an early date!  Once we brushed up on our history it was time to get stuck in.  First up was the soap making.  So first off w had to put in 2 drops of colouring in a small container.  I decided to put a drop of pink in and a drop of purple in mine instead of just one colour.  We then added the crushed up soap.

So as the room was very busy I miss heard what Naz said.  We were to stir the soap and colouring together before the hot liquid soap was poured on which makes sense.....Yeah I kinda did it the other way round...opps.  Naz was kind enough to top my soap up with extra liquid though to give it a smooth finish.  Much nicer then the lumpy one I had created.

Next up was the jelly soap.  Now I've never used jelly soap as I only have a bath but I must remember to buy some when I go on holiday cause mine smelt fantastic and it seemed kinda fun to play with.  We started off with food colouring, gelatine and liquid soap.  We then stirred to mix it all together until it became of an icing sugar consistency (that's what I called it anyway).

Next we poured it into our moulds.  Bubbles appeared on top so we had to spray on a mixture of vodka and water to try and get rid of them.  Apparently my bubbles were really stubborn and no amount of spraying would get rid of them!

Now for the final I should really say that loosely.  Making Bath Bombs was the final thing we had to make.  Now I thought this would be easy.  I mean it does look that hard right?  Nope wrong and you'll find out soon enough.

So first things first we had to mix cornflour,  Bicarbonate of Soda and citric acid together.  We had to measure them out VERY carefully.  Then we had to add a tiny drop of water to when I say tiny I mean tiny. I swear I only added a little but well I obviously didn't as you will see in a moment.  Then after adding the water you had to mix it together until it came out like a dough not being wet though.  After that was done we placed it into our molds.  After waiting for a few moment we then had to do the brave thing and tap our bath bombs out.  So what did mine look like.  Well just to warn you I hold no responsibilities to any bad reactions that may happen after you look at this.

 So yeah....I mean on the bright side Naz did lame the temperature of the room and I agree!  Also at least I had I put mine on the plastic bag other people had the same problem as mine and they put it straight on to the table.  It gave plenty of us a good laugh though that's for sure.

Either way I'm very proud of what I learnt and what I achieved and after talking to Naz about how she uses coconut oil and chocolate to tan herself I'm definitely interested in attended more of her classes.  Heck I think it would make for a really fun and interested Hen Party.  Not that I'm getting married any time soon or anything, just an idea ha ha.  That's it for this blog post now and I hope you enjoyed reading it and laughed at my bath bomb at least.  Until next time!

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

House of Fraser | Scarlett & Jo | Dress review

Hi everyone, first off I would just like to take a moment to say sorry for the long delay of this post.  Alot of stuff went on in November/ December and I just overloaded myself with work and I just crashed and burned basically.  I'm getting back into blogging now but it will be on my own terms instead of weekly etc.  Anywho lets skip the depression and get on with the review!

So I was very lucky and blessed to be sent a dress from House of Fraser/Scarlett & Jo.  I picked out this dress as I am pregnant and I thought it would compliment my bump very nicely. I don't normally go for floral designs but since watching Louise (Sprinkle of Glitter) on you tube I have grown to LOVE her style.  This dress also reminded me much of the 1940's/1950's kind of era but with a modern twist.  I love the mid length sleeves and the way the dress puffs out due to the netting underneath and I always style it with black high heels and black tights.

The dress at first didn't sit that comfortably over my bump due to the elastic waist.  However after growing in a few months it now sits far more better.  It does do this funny thing however if I put the dress up and makes my boobs looks very odd ha ha.  Another thing to point out is that I feel the dress isn't good for those with bad backs or for those who wish to wear it for long periods of time.  It could be that it's because I'm pregnant but after wearing this dress for a good few hours (maybe 4 who knows) it really starts to make my back ache.

Moving aside from these problems though I think it's a really nice dress.  It certainly does make me feel comfort and confident that's for sure. If I need another dress I will be going straight back to House of Fraser and ordering from the Scarlett & Jo line.  I never thought I could feel so comfortable being a plus size AND pregnant but i can.  This dress was retail at £30 which I don't think is bad value at all.  Sadly this dress isn't available anymore BUT I can tell you that OH MY GOD Scarlett's & Jo's new range is to die for! They simply look incredible! Even better I think they suit ALL ages.  If your a larger/curvier woman like me then this is a gold mine to get rid of all your clothing worries Click here for House of Fraser's Plus Size section.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Review | Pumpkin Bubble Bar

Hi everyone,  So back here with another Lush review.  This time the Pumpkin Bubble Bar.  I was super exciting about this because of how much glitter it was covered in and how pretty it looked.  First I made the mistake of dropping it in the water.  Do'h!  Seriously still not used to bubble bars Straight away I picked it up and took it out and ran it under water again.  Unlike the Wizard Bubble Bar this was quite hard to break into.  Maybe it was due to the shape I'm not sure.

My first thoughts were that I was not impressed.  This came no where close to how amazing the Wizard Bubble Bar was.  Hardly any bubbles and quite frankly like my friend said it looks like a bath of urine.  I was so disappointed because I was hoping I would get a really striking orange colour especially as I used the whole bar.  I did however notice the orange fragrance straight away.  When I got in the bath it did make my skin feel soft and I did feel relaxed (though this could of been because I was dead tired anyway ha ha).  All in all I don't know if I would buy this again. It costs £3.50 so not that expensive at all especially as you can separate it and have it across 2-4 separate baths.

Here is a video of me crumbling the bar under running water.  As you'll notice it didn't crumble very well.  Well I didn't think it did anyway.  What are your thoughts?  Have you tried this bubble bar?  Did you get better results?

Pumpkin bubble bar demo #bbloggers #lush @lushcosmetics

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Lush Review | Butter Bear Bathbomb

Hi everyone.  sorry this is a bit late but I've been a bit sick for the past few days but it's something that will pass but for now I'm soldiering on. I was going to try and stick to just Halloween range at first but that kinda went out the window as I couldn't wait to give David his bits for his bath (woops) plus I didn't manage to get all the Halloween bits as my local shop didn't have them all in stock sadly so I'm waiting a week or two and going to order the last bits if I manage to make any money with my business.

Anyway on to the review.  This cute little bear I'd like to think is the Christmas version of Lush's Blue Robot for kids.  David was super excited to see me pop this out of the bag.  I popped it in the bath and it fizzed away.  David loved seeing it fizz and picked it up and played with it while it fizzed in his hand. 

What did Lush say about this product "Cocoa butter creates a creamy soft bath that is great for nourishing and protecting your skin, with the same vanilla-like fragrance as Butterball bath bomb. Moulded into a friendly and sweet-smelling bear, this is sure to be a winner with little and big kids alike!"

It smelt like Talc Powder so it was a familiar smell to me and David.  Not only this but it made his skin super soft!  It didn't take long for me to notice this either. It was a bit disappointed that their was no colour to it.  Obviously white for a Polar bear I kind of get that.  It would of been nice if their was a colour burst inside of it though like a little surprise.  I hope this encourages Lush to make more bath bombs for Kids.  There is only so many Robots and Fun you can buy before they get bored ha ha.  I've still got more to use with him so they will be in my future reviews.  They include the new Christmas Fun and the Snowman Melt. Ta Ta for now.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Review | New Halloween Range from Lush | Wizard Bubble Bar

Hello everyone!  So I'm going be doing a series of lush reviews.  Today I went to Lush and brought the new products in their Halloween and Christmas range! Yes before you ask it was a lot of money and I've already told the boyfriend not to worry about any Christmas presents ha ha.  I'm pretty sure Lush love me at the moment.  Any who the first product I tried was the Wizard Bubble Bar.  Although it looks like a face I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be a hat but who knows I could be wrong.  I've never tried a Bubble Bar before always Bath Bombs so this was a new experience for me.  So did it win me over?

I started off by realising I should of broke this up under the tap so I added more water to the bath.  Luckily I only half filled it eh?  I was so used to Bath Bombs that I went in pilot mode it seems. Before I get to the review, this is the description from Lush 

"Cast a Jingle Spell over weariness with this shimmering bubble bar that makes bath time magic. With energising tangerine oil and purifying juniperberry and fennel essential oils, the Wizard banishes stress and helps you recover. Perfect for those occasions when you've over-indulged, the Wizard will disappear after Halloween, so grab enough to see you through the party season."

It was fairly easy to crumble once I started to crumble it under the bath.  I could already tell by just crumbling it in my hands that this was going to make my skin soft and that it did!  The colour was really strong too and I was really impressed as my bath bombs haven't been so strong in colour.  I also noticed I was surrounded with sparkles which was very pretty.  It made me so relaxed and my skin was sooo soft.  To be honest I didn't wanna get out!  This product has won me over about bubble bars, I can see me definitely buying them when I walk past a Lush.

Here is a video of me crumbling the whole of the Bubble Bar.  You can see how much bubble you get for you bar though this video really doesn't do the colour justice.  My bathroom light is so rubbish.  The pictures give a much better indication on the strong colour I got.  That's about it for this review though and I really do highly recommend this if you haven't tried a bubble bar before!  Until next time.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Birthday and #bbloggers Winter Giveaway

Hello everyone! So this giveaway has been a long time coming.  I really hope I can do more in the future, fingers crossed.  First off I'd just like to say a big thank you to my best friends Laura Gardener and Clare Morris who contributed to this giveaway.  They helped me out as I panicked I wouldn't have enough.

In celebration for my 25th birthday (whaa getting old) I am doing this quite big giveaway.

sorry the rubbish quality
So this is what you get people in my giveaway.  I hope this is enough (I worry all the time)  I can't wait to do another one of these though hopefully after Christmas :).

As you can see there are some small brands here but also some fairly big ones.  I think it's a good range and I hope you all like it. So just do the usual rafflecopter and your done.  Competition closes on the 1st of October Midnight and I'll announce it on my twitter first but will also do an announcement on my blog incase anyone misses it.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Fingers crossed for everyone! Good luck!